Rock, Paper, Scissors

The experience of privilege is antithetical to the development of empathy. It breeds cruelty. The experience of being on the receiving end of cruelty can go two ways: one can develop kindness or malice. Often one develops both. The malice ought to be toward the instigators of the cruelty and the kindness toward everyone else. [...]

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The real sand trap of writing academically is the limiting expectation that the only ideas with any validity are the ones echoing an established precedent. That's much easier in STEM than in the humanities. Giant leaps in one catalyze giant leaps in the other, and on the humanities side this breaks the mold and can [...]

Fan-Girling Jello

  "Jello Biafra" by Libertinus is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0      In the fall of 1987, I was a senior in high school in Vestal NY, where I had just moved from Athens, GA. I had been waxing punk for a couple of years but it was then after moving that I began to discover American west coast punk bands like X, Fear, and the Dead Kennedys.  In my senior public speaking class, a debate was assigned, and we were paired off and given a topic. My partner and I were assigned the then-recent subject of parental warning stickers on music.  I took the position of arguing against this, having followed the whole thing in the [...]

The Chumbawamba Mixtape

Written by Elli Belle Mayhem   This is about a band called Chumbawamba. They were around from 1982 – 2012.Many people have a variety of opinions about this group, both positive and negative.That is not what this story is about. This is about Chumbawamba as a history lesson, and this is about Chumbawamba as artists who continually [...]

Workshops: Upcoming After Effects Sessions

Come learn After Effects with me at Georgia Media Workshops! This "boot camp" is designed to take you from total beginner to content creator in 3 sessions. Spend these days with me and I will teach you my magic. What can I teach you? Check out my demo reel Workshop Schedule: Day 1 • Meet and greet • Touring the interface • Importing media into library [...]