Coffee Thoughts: Plastics

Elli coffee moment: I’ll keep reminding everyone to stop leveraging consumer end guilt on climate issues and hold the industries drowning the world in Wasteful packaging accountable. Hit the production end of the problem. Develop biodegradable plastics, because we need plastics in medicine. A lot of disabled people absolutely need bendy straws! What did they [...]

Fan-Girling Jello

  "Jello Biafra" by Libertinus is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0      In the fall of 1987, I was a senior in high school in Vestal NY, where I had just moved from Athens, GA. I had been waxing punk for a couple of years but it was then after moving that I began to discover American west coast punk bands like X, Fear, and the Dead Kennedys.  In my senior public speaking class, a debate was assigned, and we were paired off and given a topic. My partner and I were assigned the then-recent subject of parental warning stickers on music.  I took the position of arguing against this, having followed the whole thing in the [...]

Spoiling the Narrative

Unpopular opinion time:  I gotta say I actually enjoy spoilers. I enjoy knowing what the outcome is and watching the puzzle pieces fall into place one by one with that knowledge. I often read or view things multiple times just to do that. This for me holds true in any narrative medium, but especially in [...]