Rock, Paper, Scissors

The experience of privilege is antithetical to the development of empathy. It breeds cruelty.

The experience of being on the receiving end of cruelty can go two ways: one can develop kindness or malice. Often one develops both.

The malice ought to be toward the instigators of the cruelty and the kindness toward everyone else. Unfortunately not everyone chooses to play it that way, and the trickle-down economics of aggression start here.

The privileged have a giant blind spot towards how their own cruelty comes back at them as malice, and deny that this malice is justified. Instead they utilize it to justify the extension of their cruelty in this cycle.

Yet as much as we wish kindness were the panacea for this, the sad irony is that an excess of kindness breeds privilege. Without the experience of kindness and adversity in balance, we don’t develop empathy.

This is the game of rock paper scissors that drives most human social behaviors.

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