Coming to Wavpixlab in March/April

So back in October I started a Digital Collective with a handful of my favorite collaborators! Wavpixlab is a streaming collective focused on Arts, Music, Media, and Culture. We are LIVE ONLY on Twitch, and we have started a YouTube channel where you can find older streams.

We started out with free streaming Lockdown Parties, with the aim of staying connected with our creative scene through the pandemic. We started with Halloween and followed up with New Years. We streamed a few DJ sets and some old horror movies in February. All this time we have been working on developing a lineup of shows to feature independent creatives. We are doing socially distant production while we wait for everyone to have the opportunity to be vaccinated against Covid, and will continue that model with our faraway friends while doing live shoots and events in the Atlanta area where we are based.

For March and April we will be rolling out another great free Lockdown Party stream, and adding our first webseries to the mix. Here’s some of the fun stuff we have in the works:

Our March DJ stream, Lucky, will celebrate Women in Electronic Music! We have a great day of music in the works. Flyer release with lineup: March 13!

Wavpixlab Celebrates Women in the Arts: This stream will feature and share a variety of amazing women and their art! Are you a woman artist and want in? email for more info. Trans women are women.

The ModulHour: We loved Yates Zaldevour’s modular performance at our first show so much we decided to create a recurring show with it, the ModulHour. Our second episode celebrates the life and work of Wendy Carlos, featuring a panel discussion and a Modular Synth performance consisting entirely of Wendy Carlos samples. We are very excited for this episode!

Obscure Hounds: The Wavpixlab crew loves finding great obscure music, so we have created a show about it! Each episode will hunt down and share the story of wonderful lesser known artists.

Tasty Jams: Great munchies and cocktails with our favorite local bands! Fun recipes and Great Music.

And for those of you missing your Psytrance parties, we are working hard to plan a streaming Mysterium on Wavpixlab in April!

Keep and eye here for dates and more info on each of these exciting programs as we roll them out.

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