Little Bits of Mayhem: Plastics

Elli coffee moment:

I’ll keep reminding everyone to stop leveraging consumer end guilt on climate issues and hold the industries drowning the world in Wasteful packaging accountable.

Hit the production end of the problem. Develop biodegradable plastics, because we need plastics in medicine. A lot of disabled people absolutely need bendy straws! What did they do before bendy straws, you ask? Dribble everywhere and be dangerously dehydrated, that’s what. IV fluid delivery also relies on plastics!

It’s critical right now that we engineer systems and materials that do the job of current ones without the negative environmental impact. But this shit doesn’t happen by harassing individuals. It takes collective action to deliver the demand for this kind of R&D to be prioritized by the supply side. Outlawing straws in restaurants for this reason is kind of like attacking a dumpster fire with a plant mister.

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